A Few Words with No Country for Old Men Cast

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With No Country for Old Men as the favorite to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards next month, the film's trio of stars recently talked about the movie with The Associated Press.

AP: Though Joel Coen has said this is a film about three men, you're never seen together on screen. In fact, any two of you hardly appear together.

Tommy Lee Jones: Not once.
Josh Brolin: Or once, but without any dialogue.
Tommy Lee Jones: But we're a terrific ensemble, as you can see. (all laugh)

Tommy Lee Jones - a Best Actor nominee for his outstanding work in In the Valley of Elah - then went on to talk about the overall message of the film. It's great stuff:

What I think is the book and the movie, in general, is a contemplation of morality. And the character of Ed Tom feels somewhat overwhelmed by a new character of evil and says so to his wiser and older uncle, and his uncle tells him that that's vanity, that evil doesn't change and that you, Ed Tom, do not live in the center of the universe.

You can't be overwhelmed. It's the same old deal. Then he tells the story about these Indians who ride up to another uncle's house maybe a hundred years ago, kill him on his front porch. And when he recounts the story, if you look at it on the face of it, it seems like a recounting of a scene from a grade-B Western, but somehow you get the feeling that if you were there on that day, you would have seen real evil.

And it would have impressed you; it would have been real. And I think that's important to this movie's outlook. No matter how overwhelmed you might feel, it's not about you. ... And like all considerations of Cormac, the questions are far more important than the answers.

The question that arises there is that wonderful dream of riding ahead and reuniting with your father in the warm fire place in the cold, in the dark, hostile country. And if it is a dream, does the dream have any efficacy at all? If you wake up from a dream, what have you woken up from? Have you woken up from reality?

So these get to be pretty sophisticated questions and I really appreciate the Coen brothers' careful reading of Cormac's moral thinking. Finally we're left with the really good questions, which are better than any simple answers. Did that make any sense?

Read the full interview with these stars now.

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