Diane Lane Speaks on Untraceable, Computer Viruses

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Diane Lane stars alongside Colin Hanks in the upcoming drama, Untraceable.

The movie is based around the threat of a computer virus and, as Lane recently admitted in an interview, the concept caught her by surprise.

"I was so naive I thought computer viruses didn't spontaneously grow, like in a petri dish. Someone explained to me, `No, no, "virus" is probably the wrong term, because while it acts like a virus, it's created on purpose with malicious intent by some clever person who took the time to commit a very sophisticated version of arson," the actress said.

Untraceable Photo

"And I thought, `What? Why? How? How does that exist in the universe?' I couldn't wrap my brain around someone taking the time to do that and said, `OK, I'm an actor, I track motives - that's a very hurt person who's very angry at a lot of people.

And feels a lot of entitlement about the rage that they possess. And who has a lot of time on their hands."

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