Jaden Smith to Star in The Day the Earth Stood Still

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Jaden Smith has landed a role in the upcoming movie The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Will Smith's adorable son - who did a solid job in The Pursuit of Happyness - will play the rebellious Jacob, the 8-year-old stepson of scientist Helen Benson (Jennifer Connelly) who first makes contact with the humanoid alien Klaatu (Keanu Reeves). Kathy Bates and Golden Globe winner Jon Hamm also star.

The flick is filming in Vancouver.

Jaden Smith Picture

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Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith Photo

Jaden Smith is the son of Will Smith. He did a great job in The Pursuit of Happyness and is now making a career for himself outside of simply having a famous father. Jaden got his stars in the TV show All of Us.

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