Jessica Alba Dishes on Sin City 2, Fantastic Four 3

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As she awaits the opening of her new movie, The Eye, newly knocked up actress Jessica Alba spoke to about the prospects of sequels to a pair of well-received movies she's starred in...

CS: What can you tell us about your character in "Sin City 2"?
Jessica Alba: I haven't read a script. I don't know anything about it. Robert (Rodriguez) and Frank (Miller) haven't talked to me about it at all.


CS: How long until we get "Fantastic Four 3"?
Alba: I have no idea. I know the writers strike and the impending actors strike has kind of put a wrench in everything production wise. That film takes a lot of prep, a good six months of prep and about six months to shoot. With the strike, I think, maybe it's put on hold.Read the full interview with Alba now.

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