Megan Gale Gushes About Wonder Woman

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The big screen version of Justice League of America has been delayed until the writers' strike ends, but Megan Gale has confirmed that she'll be portraying Wonder Woman when the film finally is released.

"I've been a fan of Wonder Woman since I was a teenager,'' Gale said. "People used to tell me I looked like Lynda Carter. It was always a bit of a fantasy. It was never going to be a reality for me, but it kind of found me and I'm a big believer in fate and destiny. Even if the writers' strike goes on forever, for me, the fact that I've been cast as Wonder Woman is enough.''

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Megan Gale

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Megan Gale is an Australian model. She may play Wonder Woman on the big screen. The only big-time move for this budding star has been Stealth. And that sucked.

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