Michael Stahl-David Readies for Destruction in Cloverfield

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Michael Stahl-David recently spoke to IGN about his character in Cloverfield, Rob Hawkins:

"He's a guy in his mid-20s who has just landed this big job in Japan and the movie starts with them having a going away party for him," said Stahl-David, referencing the now-familiar opening moments from that first trailer. "I think he's somebody that people expected would be further along in his life than he is. This is not another in a long string of accomplishments.

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This is like the first time he's getting his s--t together. And he's also in a relationship with this girl, which has always been a friendship but has recently changed, and that's kind of when catastrophe strikes. And things get put into perspective for him."

Read the full interview with Stahl-David now.

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I saw it! It's alive! It's huge!

Party guest

Party guest: How are you going to survive without Rob? He's like your main dude.
Hud: I don't know.
[sees Rob passing by]
Hud: Hey Rob, how am I gonna survive without you?
Rob: I don't know. I'm like your main dude.