Natalie Portman Photo from My Blueberry Nights

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My Blueberry Nights marks the feature film debut of Norah Jones.

The singer plays a sensual, alluring young woman who sets out on an unforgettable journey of discovery in pursuit of true love.

In the image below from the movie, Jones is speaking with a newly blonde Natalie Portman:

My Blueberry Nights Picture

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My Blueberry Nights Quotes

Elizabeth: [wiping her tears] How do you say goodbye to someone you can't imagine living without? I didn't say goodbye.
Elizabeth: I didn't say anything. I just walked away.

Elizabeth: So what's wrong with the Blueberry Pie?
Jeremy: There's nothing wrong with the Blueberry Pie, just people make other choices. You can't blame the Blueberry Pie, it's just... no one wants it.
Elizabeth: Wait! I want a piece.