Photos from The Accidental Husband

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The Accidental Husband stars Uma Thurman, Colin Firth and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. As a promising romantic comedy, the film centers on a talk radio host Emma Lloyd (Thurman) that advises one of her listeners to break up with her boyfriend.

From there, the jilted ex sets about getting his revenge.

Check out a pair of photos from the movie, opening on March 7, now:

The Accidental Husband Picture

The Accidental Husband Photo

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The Accidental Husband Quotes

Patrick: [with a mouth full of sample wedding cake] This cake is fantastic!
Emma: Shh. Please...
Patrick: You mix these two together, it tastes just like a ring-ding.
Emma: [Patrick shoves a fork of cake in her face] No. No, no.
Patrick: Ah!
Emma: No.
Patrick: Ah!
Emma: [she accepts the forkful of cake] it was yummy.
Patrick: It's super-duper.

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