Producers Dish on Zac Efron in Seventeen

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Producers Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot know Zac Efron well. Jealous, ladies?

Having become famliar with the High School Musical star from their time on Hairspray, Shankman and Gibgot recently entertained the good people at on a set visit to Efron's latest film, Seventeen.

"While we were doing Hairspray, everyone was aware of what a phenomenon Zac was sort of becoming. [Jennifer] sort of thought I would love to come up with another something for him, and she talked to me about these ideas; she went out to a couple writers, and it was literally pitched to her.

They went out and they sold it with Zac attached, and New Line bought it, and now we're finishing," Shankman said.

Of course, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what star-power Zac brings to the big screen, Shankman added. Millions of teenage girls scream upon simply hearing his name.

"He's really maturing and he's growing, and he's so solid in the movie. I've seen a bunch of it cut together, and I'm relieved, and I'm so excited to be able to kind of be a part of representing him. I feel like I've been in the Zac business for a while, and representing him in a different light outside of the High School triumphant.

And he's just really good, and he really came alive with all these other actors like Leslie Mann and Thomas Lennon. It's really funny because Matthew Perry plays him old, and so he had to go to the Matthew Perry School of World Weariness in order to convincingly be this guy. And he does these things that are like Matthew, and it just killed me; he's a very detailed actor."

Read about the full set visit right now.

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