Reel Movie Reviews: Cassandra's Dream

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Considering it's directed by Woody Allen, Cassandra's Dream has gone surprisingly under the radar during this movie season.

Does that mean the Colin Farrell/Ewan McGregor vehicle stinks? Not completely, according to various film critics...

- An exceedingly well acted and sporadically electrifying little thriller. -- Reel Film

- This is archly contrived nail-biter territory and an almost giddy strain on our nerves as Allen moves his hapless heroes from bad to far worse. -- Cinema Signals

Cassandra's Dream  Picture

- What the hell was Woody Allen thinking? -- New York Magazine

- Like a tragic overture played at the wrong tempo and slightly off-key, Woody Allen's London-set Cassandra's Dream sends out more mixed signals than an inebriated telegraphist. -- Variety

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