Reel Movie Reviews: First Sunday

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While First Sunday looks like a fairly generic comedy, it may attract a large audience simply due to Tracy Morgan's presence in the film.

His role will certainly make all 30 Rock fans curious about the film. So, let's take a look at what critics around the country think of it...

- As if Tyler Perry's own films weren't bad enough, now we have to contend with ill-begotten rip-offs of them? Heaven help us. -- Eric D. Snyder

- This anemic vehicle for Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan to mug and jive through is just weak, weak stuff. -- The Philadelphia Inquirer

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- Has more bathroom humor than an elementary school cafeteria and so many stereotypes up the wazoo that the wazoo is officially full. -- Metro Mix

- A near-claustrophobic comedy that manages to be both predictable and preachy. -- Variety

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First Sunday Quotes

I'm not infectin the community. I got papers to prove Im not infected...


Durell: Promise me somethin. Promise me you'll be better than me.
Durell Jr.: OK. You promise me somethin. Promise me you won't let mom take me to Atlanta.