Reel Movie Reviews: How She Move

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Having just featured an interview with How She Move Star, Tre Armstrong, we figure it was time to focus on the movie itself.

How are critics reacting to the MTV production? Here are a few viewpoints...

- The story itself is a hodgepodge of devices, conceits and half-baked motives, but amid the dissing and the dancing are affecting moments, usually quieter ones, between people at war who shouldn't be. -- The Washington Post

- It's a little bit earnest, it's a little bit afterschool-special-y, but its young newcomer cast is highly appealing, its spirit is honest and affecting. -- Flick Filosopher

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- A grittier, slightly more real-world version of movies like Step Up, Stomp the Yard, and Save the Last Dance. -- The Boston Globe

- Honestly, this is a carbon copy of every other 'gotta dance' flick ever made, down to the cheesy emcees who host the big dance-off (it's in Detroit!) and the wannabe heart-tugging conclusion. -- The Detroit News

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