Reel Movie Reviews: Mad Money

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It appears as though Katie Holmes has released herself from Tom Cruise's clutches long enough to film a new movie.

Indeed, Mad Money opens on January 18. Here are a few reviews of it from various movie critics and fans:

- The story seems awkward and the characters are little more than forced stereotypes. -- Cinema Blend

- This strained heist comedy about three cash-strapped femmes is watchable enough for a few reels, but lacks the requisite wit and amoral energy to capitalize on its get-rich-quick premise. -- Variety

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- [An] improbable and generally unfunny comedy. -- The Hollywood Reporter

- An Ocean's Eleven for the female set, Khouri's multi-generational, multi-racial comedy is in synch with the thought processes of its down-on-their-luck femmes, who contrive ingenious way of ripping off a bank, before running out of steam. -- Emanuel Levy

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Mad Money Quotes

Unless you have a half-dozen very hard rectangular breasts, we need to talk.


Nina Brewster: Do you know what it is when you trade sex for money?
Jackie Truman: Advertising!