Reel Movie Reviews: Untraceable

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For many, just knowing that Untraceable stars Diane Lane might be enough to inspire them to purchase a ticket for this movie. That group would probably be made up entirely of males.

Others, however, are curious about how critics feel. Considering Untraceable comes out this weekend, let's take a look at their opinions now...

- Untraceable engenders a reaction that is one part fascination, one part disappointment, and two parts frustration. -- Reel Views

- This taut, savvy cyber-thriller makes for one of the better net flicks. -- The Hollywood Reporter

- Untraceable has flaws, but this cat-and-mouse team is so hypnotic that all you do is sit there waiting while they deliver one big shock after another. -- The New York Observer

- Talk about your pious frauds. I've got a better way to show your disgust for Internet scum: Don't see Untraceable. -- Rolling Stone

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