Tre Armstrong Explains How She Move

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Tre Armstrong has starred in a number of dancing movies over the years: Honey, Shall We Dance?, and Save the Last Dance 2.

Now, though, Armstrong has a chance to show off her acting chops and dancing chops in the new film How She Move. It comes out today. The choreographer/actress recently spoke about the project with MovieWeb:

Can you tell me a little bit about the casting process on this film?
Tre Armstrong: It was a fun process. I was contacted by Stephanie Gorin, the casting director for this film. She asked me to hold an audition myself, and choreograph the routine. So I did that. I decided to put myself on the tape. I figured, "What the Hell?" Stephanie saw the tape and said, "Great." She wanted me to come in for the role.

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So they had you choreograph your own moves for the audition. Did they have you bring some of those original moves into the actual film itself?
Tre Armstrong: I didn't really bring my own moves into this film, per se. Only because we had such a wickedly amazing and talent choreographer already by the name of Hi-Hat. I had previously worked with her before on the Missy Elliot tour, as well as some other projects.

I felt it disrespectful to change what she already had planned out for us. What I would do is, in the film, when they had us acting out certain movements, I would add my own personality to that. And Hi-Hat is such a wicked person. She is so easy to get along with. Once she saw what I was doing, if it fit the mood, she had no problem with it.

Read the full interview with Armstrong now.

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