Two New Cloverfield Photos

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"We live in a time of great fear. Having a movie that is about something as outlandish as a massive creature attacking your city allows people to process and experience that fear in a way that is incredibly entertaining and incredibly safe. I want to have that experience myself â€" to go to a movie that's about something larger-than-life and hyper-real, and Cloverfield certainly is."
â€" J.J. Abrams, Producer, Cloverfield

As you ponder these words, check out two new images from the movie:

Cloverfield Pic

Another Cloverfield Image

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Cloverfield Quotes

I saw it! It's alive! It's huge!

Party guest

Party guest: How are you going to survive without Rob? He's like your main dude.
Hud: I don't know.
[sees Rob passing by]
Hud: Hey Rob, how am I gonna survive without you?
Rob: I don't know. I'm like your main dude.