Anton Yelchin Speaks on Star Trek Remake

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Anton Yelchin stars as the title character in Charlie Bartlett (opening this weekend) and as Pavel Chekov in J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek movie.

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The young actor recently spoke to MTV about the former. Here are highlights of the interview:

- Chris Pine won't doing any William Shatner-like thing: "No, no," Yelchin insisted when MTV asked. "Everyone is being respectful, but at the same time doing their own thing. I think we'd all look a little ridiculous if we copied the old characters."

- On Tyler Perry's Enterprise role: "Tyler Perry is in the Federation," the actoe said. "He's one of the Federation captain officials, of sorts. I can't spoil what happens, but he's an official in the Federation."

- Star Trek is aiming for both new and old-school fans: "It's a pretty cool action movie regardless of what you think of Star Trek," Yelchin said. "It's a sci-fi action film. Knowing nothing about Star Trek, and going in and reading the script, I was totally fine.

I thought it was great, and really interesting, and a lot of fun to read. Obviously, there are special [in-joke] perks if you've been a Star Trek fan for 40 years. But I hope that anyone would go and see this film, knowing that it's gonna be an action movie."

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