Jon Favreau Dishes on Iron Man

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Jon Favreau recently spoken to Rotten Tomatoes about this summer's blockbuster, Iron Man. Here's an excerpt:

What can the audience expect? What can fans expect?
Jon Favreau: For this thing to work -- when I mean work, I mean to make sense for Marvel, to me, to the movie business -- it has to attract people who don't know anything about the film or about the character. And so, we walk everybody through everything that happens. We don't assume any reality because it's in books.

I think we also limit things a little bit, and make them a little bit more plausible in this chapter so that people will get it and don't feel like, "Oh, it's just a comic book movie, anything can happen."

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Also, we have a cast that's a little bit more broadly appealing, so that people might give us a chance who wouldn't normally come to a Marvel film. But for the fans, we wanted to have enough stuff happening in there that it seems like we were either staying true to [the character] or making a choice to go against what their expectations might be based on.

We always said, "Here's a suit. How can we tip a hat to the suit [and also make it something new]?" Or, in the books [Stark] was in Vietnam. "Let's make it Afghanistan now. That seems consistent as an adaptation."

I'm sure there are certain things that we'll be crucified for and there are certain things that we'll be celebrated for. In the casting of Downey, in the way we handled it and the tone of it; it sort of has that reverence that I always associated with the Marvel brand.

It was a reaction to the very earnest, black-and-white, iconic, flawless heroes of the day. We tried to maintain that without ever undermining the stakes or the reality of the situation. We never joke about the danger, but we do treat things in an unexpected way.

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Jarvis: Sir, his suit appears to be flying.
Tony Stark: Duly noted.

Jim Rhodes: Hey Tony.
Tony Stark: I'm sorry. This is the fun-vee. The hum-drum-vee is back there.