Olivia is Wilde About The Year One

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Forgive us for the headline. It was just too easy.

In actual funny news, though, actress Olivia Wide says the upcoming comedy The Year One is exactly what you'd expect from a Michael Cera and Jack Black film.

"The script is so funny, I can't even tell you," the the 23-year-old costar told MTV. "I am a huge Monty Python fan, and it's definitely got some of that Monty Python-esque humor; it's over-the-top, but it's very smart."

The flick follows two men wandering through the days of early society, occasionally clashing over the love of a beautiful woman.

"I play the princess of Sodom," Wilde said. "Michael Cera and Jack Black go on this journey, and they are searching for the meaning of life, essentially; all these crazy things happen to them, and they meet all these characters you'll recognize from the bible.

It's all these brilliant references to historical things that people will recognize, and some things from other films."

The Year One is currently scheduled for release on June 19, 2009.

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