Reel Movie Reviews: Be Kind Rewind

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Reel Movie Reviews: Be Kind Rewind
In Be Kind Rewind, Mos Def and Jack Black pay homage to a handful of classic movies by recreating them in their own low-budget, hilarious way. Gotta hand it to the film for its originality at least.

But does that mean it's worth seeing? Sounds like a case for our nationwide panel of critics!

- For all of [director] Gondry's undeniable talent, it would be hard to imagine him pulling off this delicate and even cornball conceit without his star, Jack Black. -- The Hollywood Reporter

- A sweet and simple story that aims to be no bigger than it is, a shaggy dog fable about dreams and the transformative power of even the worst movies. -- Cinema Blend

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- Gondry would seem to have intended Be Kind Rewind more as a generous, sweet-tempered comic fable. But the souffle never rises. -- Variety

- The storyline is utterly improbable, but Gondry thrives in an alternate world of whimsy and conviviality. -- Film Journal International

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Be Kind Rewind Quotes

Have you seen Elvis lately?


Jerry: [sung, poorly, to the tune of the Ghostbusters theme song] When you're walkin' down the street...
Jerry: [singing] ... and you see a little ghost...
Jerry: [singing] ... whatcha gonna do about -
[more out of tune]
Jerry: Ghostbusters?
Mike: What? What is that?
Jerry: That's the Ghostbusters theme song.
Mike: No.
Jerry: I'm pretty sure it is.