Reel Movie Reviews: Definitely Maybe

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Reel Movie Reviews: Definitely Maybe
Earlier today, we published an interview with Ryan Reynolds, during which the actor talked about his next film, Definitely Maybe.

With the movie coming out next week, here's a look the critical response to the flick, courtesy of a slew of movie experts:

- What a great way to mark Valentine's Day with a new classic love story. Get carried away with a loved one in the romantic tale that Definitely, Maybe has to present. -- Entertainment Spectrum

- Definitely a comedy, maybe a romance - has enough sophistication and surprise to keep even the most hardened curmudgeon smiling to the bittersweet end. -- Channel 4 Film

Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Bresling

- Rising above the commonplace and the cliché, it's wry, smart and just sentimental enough to warm the cockles of an audience's collective heart while skirting the treacherous shoals of the mawkish. -- Killer Movie Reviews

- Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Bresling give likable performances in this charming romantic comedy about a divorced dad relating to his daughter his fables and foibles in a more mature, subtle, and realistic way than is the norm of the genre. -- Emanuel Levy

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Definitely, Maybe Quotes

Maya Hayes: What's a threesome?
Will Hayes: It's a game, that adults play sometimes... When they're bored.
Maya Hayes: ...Whatever.

Will Hayes: I had two serious girlfriends... and then some other smattering of other women.
Maya Hayes: What's the boy word for 'slut'?
Will Hayes: They still haven't come up with one yet.