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The latest romp in Will Ferrell's growing line of sports comedies (Blades of Glory, Talladega Night: The Legend of Ricky Bobby) is called Semi-Pro.

It looks recycled, but funny. We love Farrell, but how many times can he play a cocky, misguided, stereotypical figure from a past decade?

Here's a sampling of how critics feel about Semi-Pro...

- Didn't he play this character in Blades of Glory? No, wait that was Talladega Nights. They're all starting to run together. --

- I've seen Semi-Pro twice now â€" once at a press screening â€" and again at the special AICN screening we did. And I enjoyed it at both â€" quite a bit. The main thing that kicks ass about it is the supporting cast. -- Ain't It Cool Reviews

Moon Shot

- If you liked Ferrell's previous comedies, you will like his new vehicle, which benefits from chemistry with Harrelson and pleasantly recycles elements of the formula now set in the swinging 1970s, nicely conveyed through fashion and especially bad hair. -- Emanuel Levy

- Affectionate if foul-mouthed locker room method acting, with defensive moves on behalf of the mostly flabby-abs homeboy team concept. And counting all sorts of eccentric, nutty and deeply lovable players, before sports went commercial and big time. -- News Blaze

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Semi-Pro Quotes

I am great at free throws. Seriously, free throws are, like, my best thing.

Jackie Moon

Who the fuck is Bambi?

Clarence 'Coffee' Black