Reel Movie Reviews: Step Up 2 the Streets

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Following in the tradition of other dance-off movies such as You Got Served, Stomp the Yard and, well, Step Up, we present Step Up 2 the Streets.

As films that focus more on dancing ability than acting chops, these movies are typically entertaining if you just take them for what they are. Did critics feel that way about Step Up 2 the Streets? Here's your answer...

- The story may be old, but these kids act - and dance - as though they are telling it for the first time. -- Chicago Sun-Times

- The dance has to be good because the rest of the movie is one long cliche. -- Orlando Sentinel

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- Why quibble? Anyone who goes to this movie for the plot is insane. It's all about the moves and the bodies putting them on. -- Seattle Post-Intelligencer

- Step Up 2 features nearly as much dancing as it does dialogue, and that's a good thing, considering the after-school special quality of its obligatory emotional scenes. -- Variety

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Step Up 2 the Streets Quotes

Look, the streets is about where you're from. It's not some school talent show. There's no spring floors. There's no spotlights to use what you got and... what makes you think you got it, huh?


She has more talent, more conviction than anyone else I know!

Chase Collins