Reel Movie Reviews: The Brave One

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Reel Movie Reviews: The Brave One
The Brave One hit theaters in September 2007. Because it just came out on DVD, now seems like a good time to review the film for our readers.

Here's what many critics thought of this Jodie Foster movie...

- Foster convinces as the petrified victim turned vengeful killer and Howard is superb as the world weary detective. Together, they just about managed to save a frequently ham-fisted script. -- Sky Movies

- The only thing that could have made this movie better is if it were revealed at the end that our leading lady was really a man. But we've been down that path before. -- Film School Rejects

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- Foster's pistol-packing turn as an avenging dark angel nearly sustains director Neil Jordan's grim vigilante drama through a string of implausibilities and occasionally trite psychological framing devices, with deft support from Terrence Howard. -- Variety

- Even the masterful Jodie Foster can't manage to raise this sluggish vigilante yarn above other movies of its ilk. --

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The Brave One Quotes

Most everybody lies. Dead can't.

Detective Mercer

I want my dog back!