Reel Movie Reviews: Vantage Point

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Vantage Point has a cool premise: the attempted assassination of the president is seen/told from multiple points of view.

But does the movie rely too much on its gimmick? Is there substance behind the style? Because the film opens soon, on February 22, now seemed like an ideal time to have these questions answered by a series of critics...

- Vantage Point takes a storyline that is a middling throwback to the Cold War paranoid fantasies of a half-century ago and tries to jazz it up with a multi-view narrative... -- Killer Movie Reviews

- Super-charged momentum keeps audience attention span on high alert and glued to the screen, along with recording implements and cyberspace gadgets elbowing their way into the apocalyptic narrative. -- News Blaze

- Throughout the entire film, I was kept on the edge of my seat. I felt if I missed one small clue or scene, I would miss out on putting all of the plot together. --

- It looks like a taut, imaginative, accessible big budget thriller. -- Cinema Blend


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Vantage Point Quotes

This war will never end.

Kent Taylor

The President of the United States has been shot.

Angie Jones