27 Dresses Quotes, Photos Added

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We've updated the home page of our section dedicated to the Katherine Heigl romantic comedy 27 Dresses.

Browse through a series of 27 Dresses quotes by following that link and/or check out photos from the film below. Click on any of them for a larger version...

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27 Dresses Quotes

Kevin: [in Jane's apartment, with her showing off her dresses as she pulls out a loud-looking Gone With The Wind dress] What is that?
Jane: [holding the dress up to herself] Theme wedding!
Kevin: What was the theme? Humiliation?

Jane: I never do anything like this.
Kevin: I know.
Jane: You do?
Kevin: Yes, you kept repeating that over and over last night - I never do anything like this... I NEVER do anything like this... I never do ANYTHING like this...