Batman Forever on Reel

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After the studio told Tim Burton they wanted the third installment of the Batman movies to be more family friendly less dark than his first two, he left the director's chair and took over as producer.  Michael Keaton no longer wanted to be Batman due to creative differences.

Instead, we got Joel Schumacher as the director and Val Kilmer as Batman.  This may have marked when the series was starting to go downhill, but Batman Forever was still an enjoyable flick with great performances by Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey.

Check out the following pictures from this more family friendly Batman.

We added the incredibly popular soundtrack features the incredibly populr Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me and Kiss From A Rose.

And finally, please enjoy our massive collection of witty one liners in our Batman Forever quotes section.

Now get excited for The Dark Knight which opens July 18th!

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