Iron Man Quotes, Photos Added

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We added 10 new quotes to Iron Man today.

The movie may not come out until May 2, but you can browse through our complete collection of Iron Man Quotes right now. Check out the following sample:

Tony Stark: Is it better to be feared or respected? And I'd say is it too much to ask for both?

Jim Rhodes: You're not a soldier.
Tony Stark: Damn right I'm not. I'm an army.

An Iron Man Picture

Soldier: Is it cool if I get a picture with you?
Tony Stark: Yes. Yes it's very cool. I don't wanna see this on your myspace page. No gang signs please. No, throw it up, I'm kidding.

Tony Stark: They say the best weapon is one you never have to fire. I prefer the weapon you only need to fire once. That's how dad did it, that's how America does it, and it's worked out pretty well so far.

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Iron Man Quotes

Jarvis: Sir, his suit appears to be flying.
Tony Stark: Duly noted.

Jim Rhodes: Hey Tony.
Tony Stark: I'm sorry. This is the fun-vee. The hum-drum-vee is back there.