Julie Benz to Play Lead in Saw V

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Julie Benz Picture
Julie Benz, of Dexter and Rambo fame, will star in the latest addition to the Saw Franchise, Saw V.

According to Variety, Saw V is set for release on October 24, 2008. That's less than a year since Saw IV. You have to give Lionsgate credit for pumping these things out.

Saw V will be directed by David Hackl and written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. Production began on March 17h.

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Saw V Quotes

Today, five people will become one, with the goal of surviving.


Hello Seth, I want to play a game. Right now, you are feeling helpless. This is the same helplessness you bestowed onto others. But now, it's unto you. Some would call this karma, I call it justice. Now you served five years of what should have been a life sentence, for murder. A technicality gave you freedom, but it inhibited you from understanding the impact of taking a life. Today, I offer you true freedom. In thirty seconds, the pendulum will drop far enough to touch your body. Within sixty seconds, it will cut you in half. To avoid the pendulum, all you have to do is destroy the things that have killed... your hands. You must insert your hands and push the buttons to start the devices before you. Your bones will be crushed to dust. Will you destroy the things that have taken life in order to save one, Seth? Make your choice.