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We added 22 new quotes to Horton Hears a Who!. Yes, 22! Remember: a quote is a quote, no matter how small.

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The Mayor of Who-ville: They called me a boob! Do I look like a boob to you?
Miss Yelp: You don't want me to answer that.

Horton: I wonder what ASAP means anyways. Maybe act swiftly awesome pacaderm.

Horton: All right, I gotta get this speck up to the top of Mount Nool A.S.A.P, whatever that means, probably act swiftly awesome packaderm! I mean, how hard can that be?

Horton: We must become invisible, travel silently, for there are forces that would seek to destroy us.

The Mayor of Who-ville: Listen, Horton, I've gotta go. Apparently there's a problem with a giant meatball.
Horton: You just take care of that meatball sir and leave the freaking out to me.

The Mayor of Who-ville: I have 96 daughters and 1 son.
Horton: [laughing] Whoa! Busy guy.

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Horton Hears a Who! Quotes

[to Horton] You are a warrior poet!


Seriously, who is this? Is this Burt from accounting?

The Mayor of Who-ville