Reel Movie Reviews: Never Back Down

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Reel Movie Reviews: Never Back Down
Never Back Down is more than an inspirational saying. It's the title of a new, Mixed Martial Arts movie.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Let's see what a nationwide panel of film critics have to say about Never Back Down, which opens on March 14, 2008...

- The 1980s are alive but not very well in "Never Back Down," a "Karate Kid" clone with a young actor who is the spitting image of "Top Gun"-era Tom Cruise. -- Naperville Sun

- Never Back Down is a compulsory guilty pleasure. Think: Save the Last Dance meets Fight Club meets 8 Mile meets YouTube. -- Buzzine Magazine

Just for Kicks

- A modest surprise: better acted than needed, better made than expected. -- Village Voice

- The Karate Kid joins the Fight Club and kicks butt! -- NewsBlaze

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Never Back Down Quotes

You know what they say about the internet.

Jake Tyler

Baja Miller: The only time you're happy is when you're hurting people.
Ryan McCarthy: Oh?
[she turns to walk off and he grabs her arm - hard]
Baja Miller: Ryan, ow. Ryan, stop you're hurting me.
Ryan McCarthy: [stone-faced] And tell me, do I look happy?