Reel Movie Reviews: Run Fatboy Run

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Reel Movie Reviews: Run Fatboy Run
Run Fatboy Run!

It's more than just a command to your local, overweight bartender. It's the name of David Schwimmer's latest directorial effort. How do critics feel about the comedy? Let's take a look...

- Run, Fatboy, Run is the type of romantic comedy apt to be described as "nice" or "sweet," both of which are codewords for "unexceptional" and "useless." -- Slant Magazine

- An unapologetic throwback to the days when comedies didn't have to be all that original -- just as long as they were funny. -- Cinematical

Lift Fatboy Lift

- Schwimmer just doesn't have the directorial wit to elevate the intermittently amusing script, and none of the cast seems dedicated enough to raise the bar either. -- Film Journal International

- There are no surprises here -- just broad, frequently slapstick gags that don't avoid but do tamp down a bit on the bodily-function school of yokkery. -- Variety

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Run Fatboy Run Quotes

Whit: I actually ran the London Marathon
Dennis: Oh that's a coincidence.
Whit: Why's that?
Dennis: Oh, I watched it on the tele... well... the last hour... I sleep in on Sundays.

Undercover Officer: You want your son to love you? Don't break the law!
Dennis: Hey! That's entrapment!
[gets pushed to the ground]
Dennis: And that's brutality!