Reel Movie Reviews: Stop Loss

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Reel Movie Reviews: Stop Loss
Stop Loss starring Ryan Phillippe was released in theaters today.

Stop Loss is a story about a Sgt. Brandon King's return from the Iraq war.  As he attempts to readjust to life after war, the army tries to bring him back via the United States military's Stop Loss policy.

What did the critics think of this war movie?

In some ways, there is a grim, accidental timeliness in the release of Stop-Loss, which focuses on the ordeal of American soldiers in and out of combat -- New York Times

It's a remarkably entertaining movie, thanks in part to a first-rate cast and a director who knows you can't make a point without calling everyone to attention. -- Washington Post

Brandon King Picture

A wildly uneven drama, by turns sincere and synthetic. -- Variety

Even when the script slips into sentiment, [director] Peirce sticks with her troubled, questing soldiers, and through this raw and riveting movie, they stick with us. -- Rolling Stone

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Stop Loss Quotes

With the shortage of guys and no draft, they're shipping back soldiers who's supposed to be gettin' out.

Brandon King

Senator Orton Worrell: Your country needs you to go back. You know it's the right thing to do.
Brandon King: Sir, I've always done the right thing. And this is wrong.