Run Fatboy Run David Schwimmer Q&A II

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On Monday, we ran part one of a Q&A with Run Fat Boy Run's director, David Schwimmer. Today we bring you a few more questions from part two of MTV Movies Blog's Q&A:

IA Asks:
What are the differences between directing a feature film like "Run, Fat Boy, Run" compared to directing an episode of "Friends"?

There are so, so many differences, but the main thing is that on a film like "Fat Boy" we were outside on location (over 50 locations in about 35 days), so that brings a whole set of unpredictable problems that don't occur on a soundstage. Like noise from traffic or airplanes; the weather suddenly changing and you find yourself in a downpour; losing available daylight; losing a location that you've only budgeted one day for, so you have to complete the scene no matter what; police, traffic, crowd control, paparazzi getting in the way, etc. The list is very long!

ANNA K Asks:
If you could choose anyone to direct (living or dead), who would you pick and why?

Wow. That's a hell of a question…I think living, I'd love to work with Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman. As for those who've passed, the first guys I think of are Jack Lemmon, Peter Sellers, Gregory Peck and Cary Grant. I think the why is obvious, no?

Read of the rest of part two of the Q&A MTV Movies Blog.

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