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David Schwimmer recently took a one and a half year break from acting to get in the director's chair for Run Fatboy Run.

Run Fatboy Run stars Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame. Run Fatboy Run is the story of a somewhat overweight man trying to win back his ex-wife he dumped when she was pregnant.

MTV recently had David Schwimmer answer a bunch of fan questions in a two part series. Here's some of the questions and answers from part one.

SARA Asks:
I love Simon Pegg so I'm excited to see him in the lead for this. How did you think of him? Did you ever consider acting in it yourself?

I love Simon, too. He's brilliant. We worked together in a few things and have been friends for a while, so he was my first choice. And no, I really didn't think about acting in it â€" I just wanted to focus all my energy on one thing: directing.

ANNA Asks:
What's more challenging: directing or acting? And what's more rewarding of the two?

Actually, I have to say I love both equally, and find both of them rewarding. I just finished a movie called "Nothing But the Truth" playing Kate Beckinsale's husband, and had a great time. I kind of needed to get back to acting, after spending a year and a half directing the movie.

TODD Asks:
In the commercials for "Run, Fat Boy, Run" I noticed that your name is never mentioned. Are you intentionally staying low-profile in the promotion for this film like Ben Affleck did for "Gone Baby Gone"?

No, I'm pretty out there publicizing the movie. I'm really proud of it â€" it's just i find it comes across a bit pretentious sometimes when ads or commercials have "a film by such and such." It always seems to me, when i'm watching the trailer or ad, that it's a big ego stroke.

I'm not into it.

You can read the rest of the questions and answers at MTV's Movies Blog.

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Run Fatboy Run Quotes

Whit: I actually ran the London Marathon
Dennis: Oh that's a coincidence.
Whit: Why's that?
Dennis: Oh, I watched it on the tele... well... the last hour... I sleep in on Sundays.

Undercover Officer: You want your son to love you? Don't break the law!
Dennis: Hey! That's entrapment!
[gets pushed to the ground]
Dennis: And that's brutality!