Run Fatboy Run Movie Quotes, Photos Added to Site

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Directed by David Schwimmer, Run Fatboy Run is receiving a ton of critical praise. It should be a sleeper comedy hit, one that comes out on March 26.

You can read why right now by checking out a few Run Fatboy Run quotes. Also, click on any of the following thumbnails for larger versions of photos from the film...

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Run Fatboy Run Quotes

Whit: I actually ran the London Marathon
Dennis: Oh that's a coincidence.
Whit: Why's that?
Dennis: Oh, I watched it on the tele... well... the last hour... I sleep in on Sundays.

Undercover Officer: You want your son to love you? Don't break the law!
Dennis: Hey! That's entrapment!
[gets pushed to the ground]
Dennis: And that's brutality!