An Enchanted Sequel: On the Way

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Following talk - already - of a Speed Racer sequel, we're hearing reports that one of 2007's biggest movies may return for a follow-up.

Kevin Lima, the man behind the Enchanted, has reportedly already spoken to Disney a sequel.

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As MovieHole reports, it's not yet known whether the follow-up will reunite Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey â€" though, if the price is right, it probably will â€" or focus on a new cast of characters.

So... would you go see an Enchanted sequel?

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Enchanted Quotes

I'm handsome even when I sleep?

Prince Edward

Prince Edward: Giselle!
[leaps off a bridge, begins to sing]
Prince Edward: I've been dreaming...
[cyclists collide with him]
Prince Edward: Ow.