Milo Ventimiglia Talks About Pathology

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Pathology is about a group of medical students who create a scheme to see who can commit the perfect crime, one that even a fellow pathologist couldn't unravel. Get the title now?

The film stars Heroes hunk Milo Ventimiglia, who recently spoke to Movie Web about the project:

So what was it about this script that made you want to do Pathology?
Milo Ventimiglia: I liked the character. I liked Ted Gray. I don't know, I saw a nice, rounded arc and to try and find those beats as an actor, you're definitely doing unlikable things but you're the guy that has to keep everybody interested, you know? He's kind of a bit of an antihero. It's a challenge to make him likable doing all these terrible, terrible things.

From what I understand there's no real human quality about any of the characters by the end of this film?

Milo Ventimiglia: The one thing I really did like about my character in particular and how he fit into the whole film, is how you've got to show these two sides. You've got this world, these pathologists that are, day in and day out, taking apart bodies, coming up with theories about how they died and how to better serve the community.

At the same time these people have lives outside and families and my character in particular, he has a fiance and things are going well for him, so you've got to show that nice warm compassionate side at the same time you've got to show the steely, icy cool of a doctor. Not only that, but a doctor who gets a bit of a God complex and starts killing people for sport.

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