New on DVD: Lars and the Real Girl, Juno, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

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A trio of critically-acclaimed, Oscar-nominated movies hit the shelves today on DVD. Here's a brief rundown of them:

Lars and the Real Girl
Stars: Ryan Gosling
Why you should rent it
: Ryan Gosling was nominated Best Actor for the role. And he's dating a doll!

Stars: Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman
Why you should rent it
: Ellen Page was nominated Best Actress for the role. And aren't you curious to see what all the buzz is about?

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
Stars: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Marisa Tomei
Why you should rent it: Hoffman and Hawke give masterful performances. And, well, Tomei gets naked.

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