Opening This Weekend: Leatherheads, Nim's Island, The Ruins, My Blueberry Nights

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What should you go see this weekend? Which new movie will be a hit? Which ones will bomb worse than a film about the Iraq war?

Here's a look at the four main movies opening today...

Stars: George Clooney, John Krasinski, Renee Zellweger
Quick synopsis: Two football players from the 1920s vie for the affection of the same woman.
Prediction: The number-one movie in the land. Football+ Clooney = Ch-ching!

Nim's Island
Stars: Jodie Foster, Gerard Butler, Abigail Bresline
Quick synopsis: An agorophobic author must travel to a fantasy island and help her biggest fan.
Prediction: Number-two at the box office. Innocent fare for kids and adults.

The Ruins
Stars: Jena Malone, Jonathan Tucker
Quick synopsis: A group of American tourists encounter some evil, dangerous ruins.
Prediction: Will likely do well. But lack of star power will affect box office tally.

My Blueberry Nights
Stars: Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Norah Jones
Quick synopsis: A young woman takes a soul-searching journey across America.
Prediction: In limited release. A solid showing will enhance chances to earn a lot down the line.

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