Opening This Weekend: Street Kings, Smart People, Prom Night

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What should you go see this weekend? Which new movie will be a hit? Which ones will bomb worse than a film about the Iraq war?

Here's a look at the four main movies opening today…

Street Kings
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, Chris Evans, Common
Quick synopsis: A veteran LAPD officer is falsely accused of murdering a fellow officer.
Prediction: Unless Reeves is being hailed as "The One," movie goers don't care about him. Street Kings will perform like a jester.

Smart People
Stars: Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Quaid, Thomas Hayden Church, Ellen Page
Quick synopsis: A widowed professor is faced with a new love interest.
Prediction: Less than stellar reviews shouldn't stop a film with this solid of a cast from raking in the dough.

Prom Night
Stars: Brittany Snow
Quick synopsis: On the night of her senior prom, a student is stalked by a former teacher.
Prediction: Brittany Snow is hot. Horror is still in. Look for a decent box office haul.

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