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Mark Neveldine is the producer on the upcoming thriller, Pathology. He recently discussed the film - about medical students that plan the perfect murder - with Movie Web:

We've heard about the research that went on for this film...
Mark Neveldine: Yes, Brian Taylor (Pathology co-writer and producer) and I love hanging out at the morgue. We thought for this movie, it's about Pathologists, why not bring the whole cast and crew down and... anybody that really wanted to go to the morgue for a tour, so we did four or five times. Basically, what we did with the actors is we made them watch the full autopsy.

Pathology Picture

Through the Y-cut, removing the rib plates and taking out all the organs, weighing the organs and reflecting the skin away and taking the brain out; then sewing them back up. We even showed them some... tests and x-rays and how they photograph the body when they come in. We thought it would be really important for them to know.

The funny thing is, on days like today, when we're ripping a body open and we're trying to do this all in f*cking 10 minutes, it's good that all the actors know what's going on because some of them will say, "Well, wait a second, that colon is not in the right place!"

Or, "That chest plate is not on properly." It's great. So everyone is sort of helping out and collaborating with this. It's sick little world we're creating but the fact is people are doing this every day by the millions; they're doing autopsies on people. One out of every three of us will end up in a morgue because of an accidental or unnatural death.

We just kind of want to get the story out there and show some of this in a cool way. Which is, a game between really cool, awesome, intelligent pathologists; young residents.

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