Reel Movie Reviews: 88 Minutes

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Reel Movie Reviews: 88 Minutes
We never thought we'd say this about an Al Pacino movie, but of all the films opening this weekend, 88 Minutes looks the most boring.

The supposed thriller looks like a cliched cat-and-mouse cop flick, with Pacino in the role of the hunted police officer, haunted by his past. Do critics around the nation agree with us? Let's find out...

- 88 Minutes plays like a script Tom Cruise rejected back in the '90s, forcing Pacino to run -- across campus, across town, through parking garages, up and down stairs. -- New York Press

- 88 Minutes will add a little more luster to a career that has not been adequately appreciated perhaps because of the suspiciously seductive power of a little man with an outsize talent. -- New York Observer

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- How Al Pacino found himself roped into this wacky movie is another mystery entirely and one that doesn't take much research past the words "yacht payment" to solve. -- Brian Orndorf

- If one is the loneliest number, two is company, three is a crowd and four is an orgy, then eighty-eight must be the universal symbol for unwatchability. -- Arizona Daily Star

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