Reel Movie Reviews: Baby Mama

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Reel Movie Reviews: Baby Mama
Baby Mama should be an interesting test case for audiences.

We already know male comedians such as Steve Carell and Will Ferrell can carry movies, but what about their female counterparts? How will this Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler vehicle fare at the box office? We'll have that question answered next week.

For now, though, let's just see what film critic think of the comedy...

- There are gags and scraps of action that give the movie fits of buoyancy, and these tend to come not so much from the younger, eager performers as from the old hands. -- The New Yorker

- Surrogate motherhood is the comic topic of the day, and this is one funny chick flick that won't rankle male members of the audience. -- Cole Smithey

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- A tailor-made girls' night out movie, Baby Mama is a tidily wrapped package the contents of which you can easily guess before opening it. -- Variety

- That the film also features SNL's Amy Poehler makes the proceedings' crushing mediocrity that much more frustrating. -- Slant Magazine

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Baby Mama Quotes

Rob: Do you want to come back to my...
Kate Holbrook: Yes. Absolutely!
Rob: Wow. Okay! Just to be clear, I was going to say my place...
Kate Holbrook: Uh-huh. I'm 37. I know how this works.

Kate Holbrook: What you eat, the baby eats. What you listen to, the baby listens to.
Oscar: If you listen to DMX, the baby comes out goin' "Ennngghhh!"