Reel Movie Reviews: Leatherheads

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Reel Movie Reviews: Leatherheads
Leatherheads stars George Clooney and John Krasinski. That automatically makes the football film funny and handsome.

But is it actually any good? That's what we wanted to know. So we looked through the views of various movie critics and came up with the following...

- George Clooney's football origin comedy starts strong but loses steam before reaching the end zone. -- Reelz Channel

- Aims only to please and proves perfectly amiable, but ultimate effect is one of much energy expended to minimal payoff. -- Variety

Leatherheads Picture

- Though choppy, only mildly entertaining, and not really witty, Clooney's sports comedy deserves credit for its courageous effort to recreate Hollywood's suave screwball and newspaper comedies made by Cukor, Hawks, and Preston Sturges. -- Emanuel Levy

- Leatherheads is like going to a football game and watching the players bring desks and paperwork onto the field. How boring is this movie? I've been more entertained by halftime shows. -- Kyle Smith

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