Reel Movie Reviews: Made of Honor

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Reel Movie Reviews: Made of Honor
Is Made of Honor as tiresome as its plot suggests? Or as cheesy as its title suggests?

You can tell what our opinion of this Patrick Dempsey movie just from those opening sentences. But do critics around the country agree? Let's find out...

- How do I loathe the soul-crushingly predictable Made of Honor? Let me count the ways... -- Slant Magazine

- A strong opening, bursting with wit and vigour, gives way to a predictable, patronising and immensely lazy second half. Could have been so much more... -- Empire Magazine

Tom, Made of Honor

- An amusing, smartly cast romantic comedy told from a guy's perspective... -- The Hollywood Reporter

- Director Paul Weiland and the three (!) screenwriters it took to boil down thousands of bad movies into 101 minutes haven't provided this one with a single original thought... -- Village Voice

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Made of Honor Quotes

Tom: Hey, How's the weather in England?
Hannah: I'm in Scotland
Tom: So it's sunny?
Hannah: It's 3 in the morning.
Tom: So it's dark?

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