Reel Movie Reviews: Nim's Island

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Reel Movie Reviews: Nim's Island
A comedic adventure starring Jodie Foster? Yes, that sums up Nim's Island.

Should you go see this departure for Foster? It also stars Gerard Butler ad Abigail Breslin. Here's how a few movie critics have graded the film...

- The worst movie of Jodie Foster's adult career, Nim's Island is as big a mess as you might expect from a movie with four credited writers (which means there were probably more) and two directors, all at apparent cross-purposes. -- Jam! Movies

- Nim's Island is a pleasant-enough jaunt for a family outing, but it never fully arrives at that 'perfect, secret world.' -- Houston Chronicle

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- Its characters, especially the youngest one, are engaging, and few adults are immune to childhood fantasies about secluded tropical isles. -- The Hollywood Reporter

- Audiences may find early scenes of father-daughter family life more engaging than the adventures that ensue, but this is a fairly successful attempt at a preteen-friendly entertainment. -- Christian Science Monitor

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Nim’s Island Quotes

I'm not afraid to go out!

Alex Rover

Jack: Be the hero of your own life story.
Alex Rover: Don't hand me that line - I wrote that line!