Reel Movie Reviews: Prom Night

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Reel Movie Reviews: Prom Night
It's a basic, time-tested movie equation:

Beautiful girl + Screaming + Torn apart clothing = Ch-ching!

With Brittany Snow and the film Prom Night fitting that description perfectly, we expect the horror flick to do well at the box office this week. But does that mean it's actually any good? Let's see what a few critics have to say about that...

- The new Prom Night is insistently lifeless, which I think is worse than simply being awful. At least awful has some personality to it...the defanged slasher movement once again lays a rotten egg. -- Brian Orndorf

- A snappy teen movie that's short and as sharp as the blade bloodied by its distinctively featured psychopathic killer. It's formulaic and there's nothing new, mind you, but it's well done and it is our imaginations that are encouraged to create the horror. -- Urban Cinefile

Donna Hides

- Outside of a brief clip from Can't Hardly Wait, there is absolutely nothing in Prom Night that is even remotely scary. - eFilmCritic

- It's tough to be terrified by [Schaech's] absurdly methodical pursuit of Donna's friends, who he has no reason to kill besides maybe coveting their seats at the lunch table. --

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Prom Night Quotes

Officer Shawn: [on the phone, about Donna] Where is she?
Officer: She's at her senior prom.
Officer Shawn: [about Richard Fenton] He escaped from jail!

Lisa: What color is your dress?
Donna: It’s a champagne color. Then it’s a little sexy.