Reel Movie Reviews: Smart People

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Reel Movie Reviews: Smart People
Smart People delivers a great cast. The romantic comedy stars Dennis Quaid, Ellen Page, Thomas Hayden Church and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Do these stars combine to produce an entertaining, heart warming film? Let's see what a number of movie critics from around the country think about that...

- Smart People is a borderline-excruciating exercise in trying to replicate the eccentric charm of Little Miss Sunshine. -- Slant Magazine

- It could've been much better. The characters don't really progress too far (any developments are too minute to be appreciated), leaving this movie as really just a bunch of A-List names with nothing much else to offer. -- Film Threat

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- [Screenwriter] Poirier is a master at dialogue. His script crackles with sharp lines and he gives all his scenes a splendid comic undertow. -- The Hollywood Reporter

- Has enough funny moments and original ideas that it's genuinely enjoyable based on the strength of its script and cast alone. --

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Smart People Quotes

Vanessa Wetherhold: You should really make your bed. It sets the tone for the day.
Chuck Wetherhold: But, how do you know what tone I was trying to set?

[to Lawrence] You spend $50 on dinner, that's grounds for intercourse.

Chuck Wetherhold