Reel Movie Reviews: Street Kings

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Reel Movie Reviews: Street Kings
Street Kings stars Keanu Reeves, The Game and Hugh Laurie. It'll be difficult for any movie to top that sort of eclectic.

How do these different stars mesh together on screen? That's what we wanted to know. So we spoke to a number of film critics and received the following takes on Street Kings...

- A disappointingly routine policier, a genre item in which the only new element is the degree of corruption and cynicism, building on the tradition of Ayer's script of Training Day and Ellroy's L.A. Confidential, both superior works as dramas and movies. -- Emanuel Levy

- A combination of implausible plot-points, and the miscasting of television's Hugh Laurie as Internal Affairs chief Captain Biggs, hampers a convoluted crime thriller that is nonetheless entertaining for its grotesque action sequences. -- Cole Smithey

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- Pic is conflicted, glamorizing gunslinging while crying foul over unnecessary force. -- Variety

- While military man turned director Ayer implicates our culture steeped in violence and the damaging effects of trained killing, whether by police or in war, he's assembled such a deplorable LAPD rogues gallery, it's hard to tell which one is the worst. -- NewsBlaze

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Street Kings Quotes

We're the police. We can do whatever the hell we want.

Tom Ludlow

Diskant: So we're just gonna go in there and kill him?
Tom Ludlow: No, I'm gonna ask him some questions... then we're gonna kill him.